Daily life – study 2019

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I have begun a new series of paintings about the stereotypical life I hear about. As probably written somewhere, but certainly said to people, I do not read newspapers since I arrived in Finland. Nor do I watch mainstream television, cable, satellite or whatever have you. Increasingly I have removed the so called news from my diet that anyway slipped through via websites, twitters and such.

Regardless, a distorted image I still have of this world despite all the attempts to influence this and bend this whatever direction. Instead of going headstrong up against this avalanche of media bullshit I rather take the information and fly with it. Not only do I have an unlimited resource at my disposal, I also enjoy whatever slips through the cracks.

In this series I work on topics such as the zombie phenomena as used in the context of smartphones. I work on how probably well intended footsoldiers of the not so well intended political class are being played against one another. I deal with political incorrectness. All of this plays out in the sober city streetscapes of which this study is the first.