David – Update

Work in progress of "David" not yet waving the NAZI card

Semi reluctantly I showed the sketches of David… to someone. From the small phone screen she saw instantly that is was David. I got an idea instantly. What if I do not detail the statue as I intended but either paint the form only or let shine through a very thin print of the shades? Would that be enough? What if someone did not recognize the painting being that of David the sculpture? Would that matter?

I don’t think it matters as the statue will be recognized as a human, male shape and the to-be-painted black rectangle should speak for itself considering the position and proportions it will have.

But does this make me lazy? No, I do not see that either but I did notice something was too complex in this painting and stalled my efforts on continuing. Now I try this and see if my thoughts come out better, or worse.

Slight update

Painted the diagonal rectangles on both sides. The one on the right is annoyingly off center. Looking at it makes me shiver : I like it