Fingers Into The Unknown

FingersIntoTheUnknown JeroenCarelse Painting

Standing on the shoulders of Giants

My underlying current, ESP and Consciousness, surfaced again this morning and I am very happy about it. This morning I found a great video (The Simulation Hypothesis) for my upcoming workshop at the Estonian Art Academy and then later was drawn for the third time this week to Mark Rothko and watched The Power of Art – Mark Rothko .

My art or rather, my studies, are like science. These are tests, experiments if you like and  I publish the findings. Many findings are rubbish, not interesting to the viewer but they are an essential step in my own evolution. I do not see how I can make the next painting without having made the current painting. I also cannot see how I cannot achieve authenticity without using the archetypes that already exist.

For me art is also about communication and therefor I need to use a language that people will understand. In the case of art there are many languages and many dialects. I choose the ones I am drawn too and rely as much as I can on my intuition. I do this as I also want to understand this intuition, what is it, where does it come from, what affects it and so forth.

So here the process of “Fingers Into The Unknown”