I love you and I am happy

After some weeks of exploring paint and getting stuff out of my system, I feel it has started. Before I talk about the themes involved, let me begin to share an observation with you.

On painting and photography

As I both take photographs and paint I have become aware of the different mindset involved. For me, painting feels as if I try to capture fleeting thoughts and put them into an image. It feels as if I react to what is on the canvas already and, the simultaneous associations that come to mind. And at the same time I make choices of what to include, how to include them, how to express them.

Photography feels like having a story in mind and then I need to figure out which sentences I should visualize. Only then when I have sequences of pictures in my mind I start to think about composition and how to use light to create the atmosphere I need. Photography feels like slow motion while painting feels like a hurdle race.

On the paintings

There is the danger when you explain your painting that it takes away the mystery. At the same time, the mystery should be part of the painting regardless of the explanation. Not so much of a conundrum as I love to share my thoughts.

These paintings are a contorted juxtaposition between the words and the depiction. The words talk about love and happiness, not love and hate nor sadness and happiness. The images show anger and hate, and, boredom and sadness. Then there is the expression of “I love you” through anger and “I am happy” through sadness. There are no certain opposites, as if at the last moment something applied an external force onto the painting.

The typography and colour for the lettering is very deliberate but this I leave a mystery. I give a hint though: there is a strong relationship with the black surface.