Into The Unknown #5

Into The Unknown #5 - Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic -68x68cm

Monday morning:

Started this one yesterday late afternoon. When I started I knew or thought I knew where this was heading but now I got stuck. What was the idea again?

Monday afternoon 14:14

“I just wrote to my dear daughter:

I am standing in front of my work (see photo) and on the one hand I feel this urge to start to style this work, there is this fear this becomes a mandala (see e.g. of some kind en there is this desire to start adding charcoal to the work. If that goes wrong, I start again.

I feel charcoal is going to win even though I have very little experience with it.”

Monday afternoon 14:16

yesterday I had this idea to have a drop of pink waterish paint drip from (!) the bottom) to the object on the top right hand… gonna give this a try first

Monday afternoon 15:17

Decided to go ahead with both the drop and the charcoal. Not sure what to thin of it so I won’t