The Making Of: Into The Unknown #6

Into The Unknown #6 Acrylic Charcoal 68x68cm 2016 Jeroen Carelse

Tuesday 12 January 13:45

Had this idea of a spiral structure in the center en outgoing and incoming energy. Not sure where this is heading today, we see…

Tuesday 12 January 14:45

Added darker tones on the edges and used the brush texture . Starts to look like there is a direction. One thing I want to add is that I felt uncomfortable using the white-brown combination and I also felt very uncomfortable putting the circle in the center. The circle felt very static and I didn’t like it, but I went through with it and trusted my intuition. The same for the brown, I went ahead and trusted my intuition.

I don’t want to go where I find comfort, I want to confront myself with my uncomfortable areas, my programs that are running, my biases. This is my path to growth and being authentic. You mileage might vary.

Tuesday 12 January 15:26

Bought “Black Star” by David Bowie, a man I have admired since I was young. I didn’t like all his music but that was what I admired him for, his guts to do what he wanted. While listening I finished Into The Unknown #6