“Out of Blue”

Out of Blue IMG  DxO

TitleOut of BlueDate24 January 2016MaterialsAcrylic on paperDimensions68×68 cmThe discovery of a technique I like, scratching in the still wet paint so it uncovers previous (hidden) payers. This gave me an idea after a meditation last night. Actually now that I think of it, during my meditation I saw a funny (ob)scene of a female bust with large breasts and black legs walking towards me in a cartoonesque manner and visual style, no head though but that didn’t seem to matter. So the combination of the technique and the female bust is the inspiration for the next painting.

Oh about this painting then, before I forget. I began to feel really resistant to have this center approach, I had done that before with “Breaking Through” and my psyche doesn’t seem to cope well with repetition. However I went further fearlessly and came to discover the technique. Also light baby blue, as it started out with, is not my favorite color.

Once more this is a good experience that proofs I need to “face my demons” and be fearless and curious.