The Ravens – 2019

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The Ravens – 2019
#Acrylic on #Tyvek, 120 cm x 75 cm

With these two paintings I got the instant feeling it has finally started. With it I mean, starting to paint. I began with the cadmium yellow base layer and added, when dried, the cadmium red. Oh, I added a layer of glossy medium on top of the yellow. This I did as I wanted to have some extra time to wash away the red tones. Medium allows me this extra time.

But this painting is not so much about the colours. The colours opened the door to my next thoughts and the big reason why I wanted to paint in the first place. To paint is to explore my inner worlds. What makes a raven a raven, what is the raven-ish-ness about the raven.

Shortly after my first dog died, Captika, I went for a stroll in the woodlands were we always used to walk. It was warm I remember and sunny. I did not look much where I was walking as I knew the area by heart. At some point I looked up as it was a more treacherous area with fallen trees and an uneven forest ground. I looked up and there was a too big black bird, sitting on a tree trunk.

I am used to various sorts of crows and magpie, we have there here plenty. But this was a very big crow or in fact, a raven. It barely moved and certainly was not afraid at all. Neither was I as there was this familiar Oz feeling all around. I knew I have entered “the weird”. I passed the bird at about 1 meter and went to sit on a tree trunk opposite. Perhaps we were 1 or 2 meters away from each other and sat there for a while.

It could have been 3 minutes or 10, I simply do not remember. There was no time or time was not what mattered. What mattered was confirmation. It was all okay despite the sorrow and pain. Everything will be fine and thank you for being there when I needed you. This was about me and the last moments of Captika and me and the Raven.