They don’t (study)

IMG  process

I started a new series of paintings called “They don’t…”. This series is about how people do not listen, watch and, tell their truth. In this series I shall use text and play with the absurd. The list of ideas is now around 20 pieces in about 5 series or themes.

The above is a study for a living but not living face done in acrylic with brush and knife.

Phase two

It is not uncommon to me to change course while having sail towards a destination. One move inspires to another move and before I know my initial thoughts were only the beginning of another journey. Whilst painting I began to sense other narratives coming to mind again. Those lingering in the depths of my conscious mind, always waiting for a chance to jump at me from behind the corner.

The initial idea was to apply the style of David Shrigley but while I did that I missed the feeling of smearing paint onto the tyvek (my canvas). I simply enjoy to paint, there is nothing else I would like to do more. Maybe to combine it with photographs could be an option. Anyway, I drift off course again.

The outline sketch, a la Shrigley (and he is so good), did not feel like me. So I filled in the figure with directional brush strokes that suggested direction of the face: dimensionality. Oh the theme was about people don’t listen, read and think. But this expanded or morphed into how people are run by patterns and what is called egregores.

The skin tone face was rendered a different layer as if something took over or became visible. I found this blue-green tone in a previous study and I love-hate it. This colour represents to me decay and loss of control. I think I can move forward with the theme now.