Transition 2 – Passover

Work in progress "Transition 3 - caught between 2 worlds" by Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic - 2018

Acrylic on OBS3 board with Tyvek. 1197 x 740 mm.

A painting that reflects a more developed idea this time. I wanted to find a way to communicate the transition from the heavy material world towards the ethereal world. Also, I wanted to avoid new-age rainbows and transitions and signatures. There is no way to visualize this stuff, I am aware of that. Most I see I find sentimental rubbish and perhaps my attempt fits there as well. I do not care much.

Like with the other works, there is a lot of going on in this painting. I love layers and texture. When I paint I feel as if I sculpt with paint and I would not be surprised at all when I go more into the third dimension with my paintings. How would to paint feel like with a 3d printer?