Transition 3 – caught between 2 worlds

The first acrylic where I carefully prepared my palette for the hill area. The colours are all made up from blue, red, yellow and burnt umber. I started with the midsection of the ethereal space. Once more I needed to make choices: how to represent the unpresentable.

The mid section should be without dimension but with a sense of distance from the centre light in relation to the edges. Thus, dimensions again. Any decision that involves choices on time and space are problematic. That is to say, when I do not want to include space and time as an attribute of the material world.

Transitions inherently are about “from A to B”, either time or space wise. But what if time is always and space is everywhere? The colours, despite by efforts, did not feel right. Both bottom landscape and the top sky should be a kind of abstract, a kind of surreal and a kind of real. It should not be anything but the opposite.

After I added glazing, medium plus my yellow mixture, the landscape and sky began to pull together with the midsection.