Untitled 2016

Untitled cm Acrylic

Painting myself into a corner, and out of it (I hope)

With no particular idea in mind, maybe with only a few faint images that I could call inspiration if I really pushed it, I started this canvas. The ideas were “Moebius” and “transcending from physical to virtual”. Good luck with that!Then I started of just putting paint on the canvas. I like the structure of paint and even though acrylic is maybe not the best for accomplishing much texture I gave it a try. The dark areas worked quiet well but I didn’t like the composition or proportions. Then I had no idea of what to do with the rest and just whacked on paint and see if it would lead to something.The first setup was primarily black and white, lots of white-ish upper space. The texture at the bottom, the dark area, worked well but needed to be more exaggerated. Then I added color, something about landscape and sky or emotions translated in that way.I began to add the color bands. The ideas that crossed my minds was going from female darkness (not negativity or negativeness) gradually to light and the same from male darkness to light. I wanted to not-think and let the color palette evolved and also the number of bands should come out naturally.The “pillars” have become more formalized but turned into dildo shapes. Now this happened spontaneously, do not psycho analyze me yet, but they are hairy and perhaps more a sea or space creature or a alien boulder. Not sure but I feel this resistance to camouflage it.After 1 night sleep it daunted on me. These are creatures which are conscious, they observe, they go form one to the other.