Untitled Triptych

Wednesday 22 January

I have not yet found the title for these three paintings. Surely something will come to mind. What was clear when I finished the last series, Between Heaven and Earth, was that this series should be a triptych. The decision probably came about because I wanted to add an extra step in the time sequence.

Whereas Between Heaven and Earth was two steps, this new series should be three steps. And so, I cut four sheets of 70 x 50 cm of which three are onto the wall right now.

I got some ideas of what this is about and where it should lead to. There is an element of time. There is some filmstrip theme. There is a landscape and an alien object. Alien more as in – not of this landscape

24 January 2020

After I spent yesterday the whole day fixing my paintings, things are on track again.

Untitled – 2020
photo source: Tate gallery UK http://bit.ly/2GjR83U

It makes in this case a big difference to show the works in a clean, museum environment.

Untitled – 2020
photo source: Tate gallery UK http://bit.ly/2GjR83U

I got some ideas now what this is about. The alien object casts a shadow but does not reflect nor refract the incoming light. It both complies with the laws of nature and excludes parts of it. Now, this may sound like goobly-gook but I decided to document my thoughts, even though they might sound disjointed. The object penetrates the landscape, slowly. On the left the color casts are blue and on the right they are orange. The shadow is another indicator of time passing by.

And I still do not know what the title is going to be