Jeroen Now

I train and educate people to use imagination, creativity and intuition to develop a products or services, to solve problems, to create something totally new.

I paint, I sculpt, I make jewellery, I draw and invent. This is my other half. And both are essential and support one another.

After years of struggling, doing things I liked less and less I learned 1 big lesson: find out who you are and what you really want – really want.

When you read this you sit or walk in a place that is not where I am, that is for sure. Your age is probably not my age, your experiences are not mine, your bank account differs from mine and we can go on forever on how we are different. But if you are like me, a person who loves to share, to create something better for the people around us but like me, can only do so much, keep reading.I work together passionate and skilled crafts women and men in a workshop-atelier that is spacious, light, well equipped. We have places to sleep, to give workshops, do research, a garden with food growing, we feel at home there and we can do the things we love and teach those once and a while to others.This is my vision, this is where I work towards. It is a simple vision but grand. It needs lots of things but I refuse to let these things bog me down and paralyze me. Instead this vision is now out there, waiting to be shared and actualized in this world.

Maybe you see yourself working on art, science experiments, maintaining the garden, the spaces, building things or financing it. Maybe you see something I do not see and whatever you think you can contribute, mail me and lets work on it.

If this interests you and you like to hire my services as a consultant, teacher or designer then contact me