Apple Cider Vinegar with honey

Today, I prepared three 1 litre jars of apple cider vinegar, or ACV, with honey instead of sugar. The process is really simple:

  1. take a clean jar
  2. wash and cut the apples, I used 6 small apples for each jar
  3. remove the core and blemishes, and cut in pieces
  4. add honey (or sugar)
  5. add water
  6. cover the jar with some fabric
  7. put away for 2 (to 3) weeks in a dark (ish) place at room temperature
  8. remove the apples, but keep them as you can use them still
  9. pour and sieve the liquid into another clean jar
  10. cover it with clean fabric
  11. let this ferment for another 4 weeks
  12. taste it, it should taste like vinegar by now
  13. pour this in a nice bottle, label it and put it into the fridge or cold storage

Between step 7 and 8 you should stir from time to time so that the apples on the top are pushed to the bottom. The idea is that no mould starts to grow during, especially, the first week.

You could keep the apples which you removed at #8 as a starter for another batch of vinegar. Add then apple juice to these apples and repeat the procedure. I have not tried this, but saw this idea somewhere.