Epson ET-14000 magenta cast

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I would normally not publish this to see for everybody. But as the Epson support page does not allow me to share images I see this as the easiest way to communicate to the Epson experts of what the problem is.

the histogram for the BW image
The histogram for the “Magenta” image

But I am satisfied with the print quality otherwise. There is a little issue still but that might be a temporary glitch.


After a long email exchange in which I sent 41 emails to Epson support, and got about as many back, the problem has not been resolved. According to the last received email “Even though this Magenta cast seem to be quite common problem I haven’t encountered this with Ecotanks before”.

I was pleased with the print quality of this Epson printer, aside of the severe magenta cast problem. Would I buy another Epson printer? Not right now. I will try a Canon printer this time.