Free Speech and Art

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Shortly after the Free Speech Union launched her website and member services, I became a member. I became a member of the Free Speech Union because they provide a valuable service to all those who value free speech. I have made throughout my life quite a many little visual gimmicks about free speech, like these here below.

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As a designer I developed products to be sold. As such I felt the obligation to deeply understand social trends and human behaviour. Rather soon, I studied the links between marketing and politics, through among others the works of Edward Bernays. One thing lead to the other, and before I knew I got interested in (also) free speech related organisations such as Bits of Freedom and the Pirate Party (the Icelandic flavour).

I have written about this before (here, here and here), and if you still cannot see the blatant censorship and repression in our so called free or democratic societies: good luck with that! So yes, being able to speak freely and openly is something that concerns me. If you do anything creative you should care as well. Although, very many “artists” earn their living by sucking the big subsidy-tit and as such conform to the political correct whims and wishes.

Artists need to investigate, explore, try, test, make mistakes, errors, blunders and all that. Nowadays you can exhibit your unmade bed (yes, a cliché already) or pin a banana against the wall (another cliché I know) and there you go! In a sense even these works are important as they do tell for those who come after us, the times we currently live in. And from the little I still know about the rise and fall of societies, many societies before ours have been at this stage, just before their collapse.

But if this is inevitable, this phase and assumed collapse, why bother? I bother as I think I am here to learn, grow and accomplish something. A sense of purpose if you like. Now, I do not mind that other artists do what they do. That is great, the point here is that because they do so, I should not have to do it as well. And here lies the crux of the matter. If I do not conform, I am excluded. But if I do conform, I lie to myself and create stuff that is easy and not me.