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Loads and loads of work has been created, destroyed and recreated. Both digital and in the physical realm, even in the spiritual realm progress has been made. This post focussed on the digital process of Solomon and Maurits and myself working on a new series. A previous series which my working title is “Circus” is here.

Maurits has some unique videos made on the Peter Beard Hog Ranch. These videos are shot in 2004 with a then state-of-the-art Philips video camera. By today’s standards, a recent smartphone has a much, much higher resolution and better quality of course.

But this will not hold any of us back. From the video I extracted each frame.

Video frames from 2004 video

Then came the creative process of selecting the frames. This selection could for example tell a story about how Solomon created the frames around the Peter Beard photographs. Or the story could be about how now valuable artworks were hanging in humble cottages in Kenya. Many stories can be told, and we are going to tell some in this series.

After Maurits and I selected the photos, I began to enlarge them, correct the colours and stitch them together in my computer. Much editing and fiddling followed to get them to look as they look now. These digital works shall be printed in The Netherlands on about 1.5 meter Fujifilm Velvia papers. Next Maurits ships them to Kenya where Solomon begins his work. Solomon is the expert in understanding the real context of these works. He is the one who both frames the works and adds a framing to the works.

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Now these will be printed, and we wait what Solomon makes of it.