The best apple juice, ever

In our garden stands an old apple tree, no one knows what the variety is. Apple trees are known for creating varieties upon varieties when grown from seed. Maybe that is the reason.

The apples from this tree are plenty, but I never liked the taste that much. Sour and bitter I find them and when I would make an apple pie it would taste as a bitter and sour apple pie with sugar. I like sweet tasting things, but have dropped the sugar.

Crunched apples inside the Fratelli Baesso v25 inox

Here we are, year in year out with that old fruit bearing apple tree and a few other, younger, trees. Apples drop on the ground and rot, what a waste. A few weeks ago, we decided to purchase an apple cruncher and a fruit press made by the Italian company Fratelli Baesso, and bought from Mahlapress in Estland

Long story short:
we made 20+ litres of the best tasting apple juice ever. Also, plenty of grapes that tasted okay-ish but not spectacular delivered a few litres of delicious grape juice.

Freshly squeezed apple juice from our apple trees
Freshly squeezed apple juice from our apple trees

Lesson learned?
Take a gamble and change the procedure, something surprising may happen. The apples didn’t change, our perspective on what we could do changed. And, we bought the equipment based on our intuition and belief or hope we would benefit from it now and in the future.

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