Times of invisible activity?

  • Process

Yes, I do feel a bit of frustration since I have not been able to reserve time to paint. This is about me, not the people around me or the world. In essence the frustration comes from my inability to let go of my initial enthusiasm for various projects and ideas, and instead focus on painting.

The good side is that I do loads of interesting projects with interesting people. And through them I learn a lot, not the least about myself. It is a conundrum that has plagued my whole life. Endless streams of insights and ideas and no ability yet to channel them orderly into timeslots.

But this is not all bad, of course. If I were perfect, I would not be on this planet in this lifetime. My reply to the new age, enlightened types has been for a long time:

If I should be there, I wouldn't be here.

There is a long story behind that but I spare you. So much of my activity has been invisible. A summary would be:

  • two to four hurry-hurry websites, depending on whether they are considered done
  • a few logo designs
  • fabric designs for a new brand in which I am a partner
  • tutoring two people to start to paint or continue to paint (ironic, isn’t it)
  • some private sketches
  • photo editing –> learning about the Sony a6400
  • video editing