Ajatus or Idea – a 4 hour workshop at Aalto

In September 2016 I got an email from Aalto University’s  Department of Arts. Would I like to give a workshop on how to get ideas? In the follow-up phone call we spoke about the spectrum of ideas and my particular approach. The gentleman, a real artist himself, was very interested in the way I work.

Long story short, I give two more workshops for art and design students at Aalto this spring:

  • Monday, April 10th from 13:00 – 17:00
  • May 2nd from 13:00 – 1700

The four-hour workshop in November of 2016 was about ideas. My outline was approximate as follow:

my model of reality

  • digital reality
  • virtual reality
  • consciousness (phenomenology) is fundamental and not a consequence of brain activity

how this model helps

  • how the body gives signals to the mind
  • how the mind gives signals to the body
  • when you understand the relationships you can learn to quantify ideas

exercises to experience this model

  • do a “mission impossible” exercise
  • pay attention to body
  • pay attention to mind
  • pay attention to the order of body ↔ mind

Present the exercise results in the group

  • share the body-mind experiences
  • feel how your body reacts when talking about thought and vice versa
  • I give feedback all along the way

We do a group session (30-40 people) where people learn to relax

  • some fell asleep
  • some noticed thoughts coming out of the blue
  • some noticed boredom
  • some were in a lucid state
  • feedback from me

The core message was:

  • body and mind work together
  • you can learn to quantify your ideas
  • you have more control over life than you might think
  • you live in a reality of many forces, many which you can only react to
  • your thoughts and the state of your body determine your reaction

My contribution is building trust within people and among the group. Then I give information and present the logic. The 4 hours together enables us to focus and dedicate time and energy.

Now I am asked again, to give two more such workshops.

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My interest goes into teaching about the study and the practical application of consciousness research in creative fields.