Case – Council of Nordic Ministers

In the summer of 2015 I gave a lecture and workshop in Estonia (Illuka) and from what I heard it was a great success. I hope to get people willing to write me their feedback so I can post it here.  At the site of The Council of Nordic Ministers you can find some information about the lecture and workshop including photos:

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One of the exercises in the workshop was picking 3 cards, 1 with a verb, 1 with an adjective and one with a concrete noun (or other).  With these 3 cards you got 10 minutes to come up with a product or service idea. In essence this is mission impossible but I am flabbergasted how each time most of the people go through pretty much the same process:

  1. puzzlement
  2. I cannot do this
  3. acceptance – intellectual I got to do this one way or the other
  4. deep sigh – emotional acceptance
  5. start writing or drawing
  6. not caring about the outcome
  7. starting to laugh
  8. having fun
  9. energy levels go up
  10. hey is this over already!
  11. great results