Workshop: From Heart to Hard

From February 1st to February 5th I shall be in Tallinn giving a 5 days workshop at the Art Academy.

Here is the official blurb Tanel and I wrote to attract the students:

“From Heart to Hard”
Jeroen Carelse, lecturer in Aalto University, Carelse OÜ designer and analysist. Mixing research+art+business. Main topics are Extrasensory Perception & Design, Imagination, Intuition and creativity.
Workshop: Extrasensory perception in the field of Art and Design, a practical hands on approach. Using intuition, telepathy and remote viewing exercises to get really out of this world and start to question reality. Product development exercises.I got an awesome and weird and bizar program lined up for them. So great to have this opportunity to do this, I think so much credit should already go to Tanel and his team for having the guts to do this together with me.

Also thanks for Eha from the Council of Nordic Ministers for hooking me up with the Academy.