Learning how to draw or express yourself visually


This is a fun course of about 2-3 days where you, the one who thinks cannot draw, discovers that this ability has been there all along.

Why wait and not get in touch? Get together a group of friends, colleagues or neighbors. Find a suitable place where the group can meet for 2-3 days and we have a good start.


  1. If you have this strong urge to finally start but can’t make this first move
  2. you blurted out in a museum “I can do this too” and now you really need to do that
  3. you have lost your courage but know you can do it, and you can


Workshop outline will be here within a few days and then we can start planning together

Where (same for most workshops)

Primarily the Nordic region and Baltic states as this is near to where I currently reside. More far away destinations is possible but then is perhaps a series of workshops more cost effective?
How much

All depends on what we can agree upon. It has to be worthwhile for all of us involved. Each customer deserves a customized approach. Generally speaking travel and accommodation,food and material costs needs to be covered. Then a fee ranges from 500-1000€ a day (7 hours)

Of course, you could propose something that is more suitable to you. Finland is an expensive country and these are fees at the low end of the spectrum, but in Estonia this is regarded as middle to higher up on the spectrum. Norway on the other hand uses higher fees but everything is also more expensive there.

Don’t let the above fee put you off, we work something out together

If this interests you and you like to hire my services as a consultant, teacher or designer then contact me

Below is an example of how we start, this becomes over time also an online course.