Lecture/workshop at the Estonian Business School

Wednesday morning I arrived around 9:30 at the Estonian Business School, 30 minutes before the workshop or lecture would start. Luckily it was warm inside as on the way from the hotel to the school I almost froze my ears off, a combination of a mild temperature of 2C, wind and moist.

The topic was creativity in teaching for teachers, lectures and professors teaching entrepreneurship. My task was to stir up the pot a bit and open the people’s minds. I am not sure to what extend the audience was informed about this and I did not tell them and have fun.

My goal was to experiment with, by me previously, not combined methods and even to introduce a completely new method. This was because I wanted to show, not talk about, being creative while teaching. Can you teach something you are not sure of it actually will work, an experiment.

The outcome was somewhat successful. There were some very good intense conversations and I think I got my point across well enough: creativity has an element of risk taking, take risk and allow things to happen.

When you follow the same process over and over again you create little room for chance. This is fine when your task is to deliver consistent outcome, like accounting perhaps. But creativity is not about doing the same over and over again, it is about trying and failing and learning and even forgetting. How can you be creative in a business environment when the stakes are high? What risk taking is worth the risk?

Taking risks without understanding the potential consequences is another thing. And if you truly understand the consequences, what is the risk then? As you can see I have not a black and white answers and I do not assume even there is one. Creativity is about pushing these boundaries and coming up with a proper response when things do not go the way you expected.