Professional Creativity workshops

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Themed Professional Creativity workshops targeted at verticals and cross domain horizontals for decision makers and practitioners.

Themes are

  • Take advantage of Creative Thinking during an economic downturn
  • Benefit from Design Thinking during political uncertainty
  • Understand creativity in startup cultures
  • Creativity at domain intersections

3 design professionals (India, Finland and The Netherlands) are available.

Here is a list of a high level view of tools and exercise we could use:

  1. we share with you the latest scientific intuition research results
  2. increase our own intuition with proven exercises
  3. Do exercises to open the mind for new ideas
  4. Learn to translate gut feel and intuitive thoughts into concrete and practical ideas
  5. You learn to quantify design and creativity
  6. You get an in-depth overview of commonly used design, engineering and business processes
  7. We teach you how to develop your own process that suits your organisation


You can apply back at work or on the ground various rapid problem solving methods and ideation processes. You have control over Trial and Error, become effective in finding solution for existing problems and anticipating future issues better.


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If this interests you and you like to hire my services as a consultant, teacher or designer then <a href=””>contact me</a></blockquote>

Here some examples of a Design Thinking slide set of 20 slides, this is one way of approaching DT. These slides were used for an AD agency seminar and would fit in above list’s item #6