Progress this week – 13


It looks, by the lack of photography or painting posts, as if this week nothing has happened. The fact is that I have been very busy. On Sunday I travelled to Jyväskylä on the invitation of Juhani Risku and Pekka Abrahamson to give a lecture at their Fuzzy Front End Lab. A kind of summary of that lecture, which I gave on Monday, is online here. On Tuesday I returned and a new project was waiting for me.

This is a very secretive project though and as it goes with secretive project, I remain secretive about it. What I can share is that it is a graphic design project. I explore a systematic way of designing graphics. But above all, I enjoy tremendously what I do. Maybe one day I can share the project but more likely than not you hear about this long before I can talk about it.

On Saturday and Sunday I concocted the lecture summary and now soon a new Monday starts. Maybe I paint, maybe I take photos, maybe I do some graphics designs or maybe some 3d work. But for the latter I really need a new computer as my 2009 iMac is too slow for any satisfying modelling work. So I also explore the field of #hackintoshes.