Progress this week – 14

Another week of a variety of things that I have been up to. I almost finished a series of three paintings, fixed some things on this website, ordered parts for a Hackintosh computer and ran many errands.

I also receive news from the HÄME REGIONAL FUND that my grant application has not been successful. It is a pity but this was the first time I submitted a proposal. Maybe better next time.

My grant application – essentials


About being conscious during the creative process

Work plan:

During my one year project, I record, investigate and write about the creative processes that are at the foundation for my painting activities.

During my time as a senior lecturer and workshop facilitator, I have come to realize that the creative processes are mostly obscure to those involved. At the same time, people seem to arrive at great achievements if the conditions are right.

In my work as a consciousness researcher, I have studied the role of intuition and mental processes and how they relate to creativity. For this one year project, I combine my observational, research and own creative skills. My goal is to observe and analyse my creativity and experiment with various conditions to increasingly achieve better output.

Thus, not only do I want to understand the underlying processes better but I also want to become better as an artist. What sets this project apart, is that the output is online and judged throughout this period. My success as a painter should become clearly visible as I start from zero.

Another reason to approach my work in this way is that I want to understand myself what I think and why I think the in a particular way. As a consequence, I believe the descriptions of the work I create to tell a more concise story. This I find essential as the narrative could help others to understand and explain their work.

The results are published almost daily on my website, as I already have started to do. During this project I deliver art work, photos and video of the process which is collected as an online document and as a Print-On-Demand book, free of charge. I have all the technical and creative skills to do this independently.

Merits (as summary of my skills):

  • Educator
  • Artist
  • Researcher
  • Entrepreneur