Why current education program kills creativity


Current education program kills creativity because children need to switch from one subject matter to another in a too short time. This is disastrous for creativity as there is no time to digest the information that is presented. One needs to accept the information, memorize the information and move on to the next class.

In my many years as a part-time lecturer I see a clear difference between a 5-day workshop and the similar content spread out over a semester. A 5-day workshop clearly shows greater results both in quantitative output and creative output. As a teacher I have much more impact, I can create the right environment and build trust.

During a workshop people know what atmosphere they enter and how long they stay there. In a fragmented hourly based curriculum the student needs to adjust from class to class, hour to hour. This extra effort to adjust many times in a day puts the mind in a sort of survival mode. “What will happen next?” ponders the mind.

Now of course you demand: show me the studies, the references to peer-reviewed articles, the double-blind studies. And then what? You suddenly change your mind, run into the street and protest? See, there probably are studies done that confirm what I write above. But what is the point to look for them, no one reads them or one comes with counter studies.

So on my blog I simply tell you how I see it, take it or leave it. Ideally you give this observation about killing of creativity some thinking and move on in life. I have taken stock and have created a much more productive environment for myself. Also, when I am asked to teach a course I always propose to make it a workshop instead. In most cases the educational institution declines, for whatever reason.