Workshop preliminary results

Oh wow! What intense and wonderful this was with you people there at EKA. I also stepped into this adventure not knowing what was going to happen. Initially I was not planning to do any form of remote viewing as it generally is a long process to get something going. But like you had sudden insights when using the binbeats ,which were generously made available to us by Keith and Tom of MBT Events. The idea came to mind to explore the larger system with the binbeats as distraction, to stop your thinking. Instead of free-wheeling in that large space we had targets like in RV sessions but no guidelines at all on what to do first and what next.

So you collected the data from:

  1. before the session started
  2. getting into “the state” – analysis, thinking, jibber-jabber
  3. being in the state – still, pleasant,  intense
  4. leaving the state

The state is that period where not much cognitive thinking takes place or is at the forefront. The period where you loose track of space and time. The period where you see abstract, surreal, hyper realistic, dreamlike and other “not real” scenes.

All the data we collected (collected and connected, thanks Maria), began to make sense when we saw it on the black board and analyzed it. Some of you got at #1 very precise data, often the actual picture of one of the targets I had. I find this interesting as even with this very little sample it jumped out at me. Could it be that the #1 phase has this as it’s strength? A topic for further exploration.

The first session had generally speaking a shorter #2 phase compared to the second session. I think that was, and you agree likely, because of the use of numbers as a target (78831) which you were not used to and thought of as a hint of kinds? The second target was also way more complex as it was about my emotional bond with my dog, Kane. Descriptions of the targets and results shall follow one of the coming days, after I have painted all my images out of my system.

Then day 4&5 were equally if not even more rewarding for me. How could you, inexperienced “viewers” take this slice of experiences into you projects and life? And then the work started, each was and is at a different stage in life, different goals, different backgrounds and we can go on ad infinitum.  We had no assignment, little struggle #1 for some. The focus for me was to help you through every obstacle, build the confidence that most if not all the data was readily available at your physical, mental and aetherial fingertips.

Well, this worked pretty well didn’t it? So diverse, so personal, so focused and honest… so authentically you. Nothing the same, absolutely nothing. Wow! Chapeau to you!

The featured image is Maria’s experiences in a bottle not be opened…