Active Office Wear – around 1999

A office furniture concept from around 1999 that borrowed heavily from the software development culture.

These are some of the photo collages + 3D models I still have but it came with a whole plan about modernizing the office furniture market. This product line was about using a modular and almost off-the-shelf materials to construct a wide range of office furniture pieces. There would be ready made furniture but also DIY furniture where the customers could purchase the materials like the tubes and connectors and put it together themselves.

Another aspect was that the furniture would become a platform for (other) brand owners to contribute to. Some would create new products or adjust their existing product line to fit the Active Office Wear (AOW). Some could use the surfaces on AOW to display their characteristic brand identity on. My ideas came from working with software and seeing how separate libraries would be used to create something larger.

The tools I used were Strata 3D, photoshop and illustrator. The furniture was modeled and rendered in Strata3D and then combined with images I found online or magazine. Yeah, it was still 1999…

The idea here was to work together with known brands like Marimekko and give access to the surface of the table. Known Marimekko patterns could be printed onto the surface.


Also related to FDK