For The Record … #1

A new series starts at For The Record

For The Record is also the name of the anti-fascist radio program by Dave Emory. This FTR is about how I get my inspiration and what “coincidences” I get along side supporting my ideas. Might be all BS but what do I care, or in more contemporary terms:

What The Fück

Sunday 9th 2016

I came back from Tallinn by boat and was still reviewing stuff that had happened that week during the workshop. To clear my head and stay focused I listened to the hardcore techno by Black Sun Empire, no students, not the binaural beats 😉

What came to mind

  1. were fragments of alien remains
  2. ground, soil, dirt
  3. archeological dig

When at home I visited facebook and the first image I saw was that of small garden sculptures covered in plants…

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 14.17.28

Then I wrote a few things down


I went to bed and slept long as I also woke up a few times to visit the toilet. Had been eating ice cream that evening.

Monday 10th

Next morning I got a new twitter follower which sculptures confirmed my earlier thoughts, feelings, sightings. I see not that but it has elements of it.

Next at FB Piret Mägi wrote in reply to a comment of mine:

I already imagined all the backyard full of blinking antennas and satellites…

Flashes in my mind and I shared some text with here on this.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 14.30.35Shower, dishes, listening more to Black Sun Empire…

Sculptures but paintings first. Soil, dirt, rock, sea, sand... proportions 2.5 x 1.5 … that of a grave. I know what to paint … 5 pieces 68cm x 113cm

I went to bed listening to an interview by Tim Ferris with Wim Hof and at the beginning Tim mentioned his 2 most favorite audiobooks, his favorite first: The Grave by Neil Gaiman…

Tuesday 11th 2016

My first podcast was that of Mark Vernon and Rupert Shelldrake on constellation therapy. Much of it was about the relationships we have within a family with others including those deceased…

Started to listen to The Graveyard, as my suspicion confirmed this is about this borderland, good stuff indeed

Cutting out of the 100×50 the stretchers for the 113cmx68cm paintings

…Coincidences piling up

And the evening ends with discovering a new documentary about H.R. Giger , more aliens, more in between life and transition…

Name: of first painting, came from in or just before a lucid dream moment: R’ag-Ham


To be continued…