My First ABC – learning through technology 1995

A tablet for child and parent to together use for example the home as a learning environment. There was growing concern at the time about digital illiteracy so digital technologies should be introduced at an early age to children. Also, there was this growing notion that digital technologies, especially screen based ones, could create a distance between child and parent.

My solution was to have on both the hardware and software or service level the opportunity to do things together. In my admittedly clumsy foam based mock-up you can see :

  • screen with the fish and letter F
  • an orange pointer
  • 2 green handles

I cannot remember why I did these green handles. The orange pointer is for walking around e.g. a room and point at a door. As, was the assumption at the time, many products would have some kind of RFID code built in (in the future) this pointer would then read information and translate store it. When put back into the screen the information would be read.

Naturally that information would need to be translated from some ISO building code to something more humane. The concept included ideas on topics, languages, styles, games and challenges.