News and cycles

Since about 2000 I do not listen to the daily news channels. When something important happens I either look outside the window and see it or after 3 days someone tells me the, often, bad story about people being killed in a far away country.

Removing this daily clutter and noise has helped tremendously to look at the larger picture. The image that keeps coming back to me are cycles within cycles, patterns within patterns.

For example Elliot’s fractal wave pattern or cycle symbolizes the visual expression rather well:

fractal, wave, cycle

Elliott wave principle – at wikipedia by Masur

I could argue that a shark’s tooth has a similar pattern:

Eocene (Lutetian) Shark-Rich Coastal Paleoenvironments of the Southern North Sea Basin in Europe: Biodiversity of the Marine Fürstenau Formation Including Early White and Megatooth Sharks – C. G. Diedrich

To what extend this repeats in nature I do not know and do not feel the urge to proof something either. I observe and see if I can be creative with that observation.  What I do suspect is that the world or perhaps better said, humanity, as a whole is making progress but it is jagged.

My “humanity” graph would sort of look like this:

Humanity progress graph

Humanity progress graph

My effort the past 15 years has been to learn to see through the little ups and downs and stay focused on the big trends. Yes there are more cycles at play simultaneously. They reinforce or weaken one another so prediction on short terms is rather complex if doable at all. But by looking at the big trends, not getting caught up in the day-to-day media horse and pony shows and at the same time observing people and their words a few things struck me.

People believe, strongly believe in something. When confronted with an alternative point of view only a few people are willing to consider that new view. There is this resistance and among some people is seems to have grown while in another category that resistance has shrunken. Throwing “facts” at people has proven to be almost counter productive. Hence I rather help them to experience things or simply suggest to see it as a game, lessen the tension to be right.

I find counter arguments and me being “wrong” only interesting. It says so much about the other and about myself. How could I not have seen that coming, I have asked myself a few times the past 15 years. Or, how come I believed in this or that theory so much? Now I read, listen and watch and enjoy the various serious and well argued opinions. The mindless parroting in the media I leave for what it is. Journalism has turned into opinion making with a few exceptions perhaps. My time is better spend on surfing the fractal waves of our perhaps digital reality, who knows…