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A book, web service and phone app to learn about and explore anomalous phenomena

Extrasensory perception (ESP) is perhaps one of the most disputed and divisive areas in modern science. The field of ESP is both loaded with anomalous, temporal and subjective events, as well as with repeatable objective events. Even more troubling is that there are all sorts of people conducting all sorts of experiments of variable quality and making all sorts of claims. It is fair to say that the field of ESP is very diverse and one can find deceit, delusion and fraud on one side of the spectrum, and high-quality scientific research on the other.

In addition to the above and earlier written introduction I like to add a few notes which are important. As ESP is still not well understood I leave lots of room for alternative interpretations that might explain the phenoma that are observerd. Under hypnosis for example people can potentially accomplish things they could not (imagine) when not under hypnosis. Savants, multiple personality and other more accepted cases will be introduced too.


Over the past 10 years I have become increasingly interested in the topic of ESP, not only as a field of study, but also as an area of practice for which I constantly seek practical applications. My life experiences in regards to ESP have been very broad and diverse, however some became increasingly consistent and I could no longer explain these experiences away as being only luck, coincidence, or consider them simply as being random events.


In my research into ESP I encountered either a strong belief, or equally strong disbelief, in the ability of humans to utilize something that falls outside of the scope of the known 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and feeling. The high quality of the research does little to persuade those who do not belief in any form of mind over matter. I see how personal ESP experiences positively change people and I see how reading about alone it has little impact. As a designer-researcher-educator I then see a challenge and opportunity.

The proof is in the pudding


I like people to experience ESP and it use it to improve the quality of their own life and all those around. I hope to contribute positively to the public discourse on the topic of ESP. I expect a fundamental shift in mentality when one realizes there is a good chance:

  1. we can communicate mind-to-mind regardless of space and to some extend, time
  2. our mind can influence our own body and matter and therefor our thoughts matter
  3. we might revisit this place after this life and therefor would want to keep it in a good condition
  4. can we trigger creative thoughts
  5. … there is still so much we do not know nor understand


During this project I:

  1. Gather and combine those high quality researches conducted in the past 130 years that has found evidence of the existence of ESP phenomena.
  2. Collect the conclusions and the various models of how ESP might work.
  3. Translate and validate the findings into Do It Yourself experiments and tests
  4. Create self-assessment guides
  5. Present these in entertaining, easy to digest and highly illustrated formats


I like to make ESP more accessible through practical and enjoyable examples and instructions.

There are 2 or possibly 3 concrete deliverables:

  1. A print-on-demand book (for example via Blurb)
  2. An interactive website with animations and tests (WordPress and html5 animations)
  3. Maybe a smartphone app to accompany the website and book


I image various types of beneficiaries of the materials I shall produce. Here are the main target groups:

  1. Teachers and students in primary, secondary and higher education. The tests can be conducted in small and large groups, but can also be done individually. The experiments can be part of a course or curriculum.
  2. Families and groups of friends. For this group the experiments that require little time and no setup are ideal.
  3. Those who want to improve their life as using ESP has practical benefits.
  4. Another group are those who like to better understand the ESP experiences they already have.


The minimum requirements are a web enabled device, internet connection, proficiency in the Finnish or English languages. Above all there should be an interest and willingness to  some time on this experiment, whether by using a web-enabled device or the book.


There are little or no upfront material or tooling costs involved as I got already all the tools and have all the skills. What does takes time and does costs money are

  • the research
  • the writing
  • the design
  • the illustrating
  • the animating
  • the coding of an app
  • the printing of books

Now what is the real world? Some people have the theory that the real world is material or physical and say it is made out of a kind of stuff. Other people have the theory that the real world is spiritual or mental. But I want you to point out that both those theories of the world are concepts. they are structures of words. And the real world is not an idea, it is not words. Reality is…

– Alan Watts youtube clip