Research of myself

Research of myself

Personal research and understanding is at the heart of what I do in life. Even though I navigate my world very intuitively I keep a close check on my bodily experiences, what might trigger them and what might be the causes of these triggers.

It feels to me as an upward spiral when I am making progress and understanding where this progress comes from is just very exciting and rewarding. Rewarding as my understanding increases of who I am and how I function.

As I started to do this many years ago I began to see how my own beliefs and assumptions of how “it is” stood in the way of making this progress. I had to shatter my own cognitive dissonance in order for me to discover alternative views.

After a few of these sometimes painful experiences (who want to find out he is wrong, again) I could let go of many of the beliefs and take a step back whenever someone confronted me with a certainty, a presumed certainty.

I taught myself to dig deep into data and find the original sources. I taught myself (with the help of many people and online resources) to understand statistics and how they can be easily manipulated. The list is long but in the end I came onto this path of continuous curiosity mixed in with a healthy dose of skepticism.

2015 and continuing in 2016 are about researching extrasensory perception and above all what practical use it has and how to make it available. This is a challenging topic as there is both a lot of embellishment of experiences and a lot of  denial of true experiences. On top there is fantasy, lies, wishful thinking, ego, and the whole spectrum of human emotions and character traits.

Even though understanding how ESP might possibly work the emphasis is on getting it to work more effectively and thus my assumption is: it does work