“Subjectively #1”

Representation of Reality 1


Subjectively #1


25 January 2016

MaterialsAcrylic on paperDimensions68×68 cm

Subjectively #1

This is a mix of an animation I saw while being in a meditative state last night and the technique I wrote about here. It is about how we receive data when being in other realms or realities and how we interpreted that data. It is about subjectivity and how one’s personal experiences shape the interpretation of the data.

But there is also a lot we share in our own reality, the colors, the general description, direction and movements. But when trying to communicate those we often fail if we go into details.I started with the usual 68x68cm canvas and placed the large female figure in thin pencil line.Next were roughly painted “data blocks”, digital, black and white. They represent the real data. This is digital physics thinking.basically done with the data. Maybe another experiment would be larger block, more precise blocks or something entirely different- The problem remains when visualising data is that it is always a translation from something abstract to something else. But this is an interesting challenge for me.The background color evolved from some leftover paint. I do that very often, if there is some paint of a previous painting still usable I use that in the new painting. Just don’t like throwing good paint away.The new layer added. Thick, 4 colors mixed roughly together but keeping some original colors in my jar. This way the brush picks up 3 or 4 colors and the mixed tones at the same time. I like this effect a lot as it helps in building the narrative of the painting. The paint is still very wet and I take a chopstick which end point I sharpened with the pencil sharper, and begin to draw the outlines of the model. I keep drawing, roughly where I think they ought to be. This is certainly not an exercise in copying the model but rather finding representations of the possible outlines.

Here a detail where you can see the checkerboard coming through.