“Subjectively #2”

TitleSubjectively #2Date26 January 2016MaterialsAcrylic on paperDimensions68×68 cm

Subjectively #2

The continuation of Subjectively #1, about organization, chaos, entropy, data and information emerging from it and subjectively interpreting it. How do you translate something that is not visible and not definable with a visual language into something that is visual? Mission impossible but therefor also an incredible motivation to try and try and try again with the knowledge that I will never get there. So why do I do this then? It is probably because by doing this I learn and find my thinking flaws much quicker. I mean doing and not thinking about as this is a crucial difference. It is easy to think I know how it works and most people have this I have seen. But when you put it out there, make choices and reflect back on them with a critical eye you only then see that there is still this one thing missing. Then in the next work you fix this one thing and once more this other one thing is missing, the one you could not see earlier. You have to go through through the motions of doing and being yourself.Building the checkerboard.Checkerboard is done but will be almost entirely be over painted.Stronger charcoal outlines  so I can actually see something.Not sure where this is going now. It feels very messy and probably this requires many hours, which is good of course as I love doing this.Some progress. Finding the right technique to get what I want. But what do I want? It is still evolving and I follow my intuition, it is something about being raw on the edges. Not literally the edge of the canvas but more about not styling this painting.A detail

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