Why I post my work

Why I post my work? Because I never kept a diary or portfolio, but realized a few years ago the drawbacks. I have always been an entrepreneurial person and I do stuff. I look forward, hardly ever backward regarding what I have done. But the world around me doesn’t work like that, for good reasons.

People who do not know me yet but want to know who I am like to see stuff. I can explain who I am but it ends up on convoluted stories and hand waving. In around 2015 I started to look for work as a designer in Finland. I realized at this moment how useful a portfolio is. I have done so much but so little I have documented that people obviously wondered who they were talking with.

Hence, I began this website where I attempted to create an overview of all I have done. Perhaps I am at 10% regarding my previous career as designer and entrepreneur, probably at 5%. But since my radical career change at the end of 2018 I post almost everything but I leave out some truly rubbish work. I also do this because it helps me to get quickly over this feeling of not being good enough, it makes me numb so to say. A good kind of numbness.

So over at Instagram I post my work and some process photos. I am not very active there yet and so far I sort of like showing all my work. I can see in the future how I will curate my work and even remove my stuff from Instagram. We see how this goes, one step at the time and I primarily focus on my best next step and do not look back.