Young talent, new talent or simply talent?


Of course, I care, why would I otherwise walk away from a fresh painting (50 cm x 70 cm DiBond)? As mentioned here and on my LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram profile, I stopped my career as a designer and have gone fully into the creation of paintings and photographs.

I have been at art schools and remember how hard it could be to get exposure. Times have changed a lot since and I do not know about the art markets or how it all works in this scene that much. What I do hear often is the search for young talent. But is this young as in age or, is this young as in freshly started?

You see, it feels as if it is about age. I sense some magical age limit of perhaps 30 years old. I base this on the link between those who talk about young talent and the examples they give. All subjective and I might be wrong. Still, why not talk about talent instead of young talent?

Since early childhood I remember this sensitivity towards the often subtle and perhaps well-meant distinctions that people built in their sentences. I am of the belief, so it is something anchored inside my psyche, that people should be judged on their achievements and not on:

  • age
  • sex
  • skin colour
  • social class
  • background (more or less)

If, if this is not relevant to the achievement. Let this last addition sink in for a moment.

In many situations one needs to judge someone on her or his sex, age, length, weight and what have you. And this is okay, when appropriate. So here I am, tangled up in a complex conversation. But I do not care, I do not go these conversations out of the way. Being fair to others is important to me but I have stopped expecting this from others. Too many disappointments during my long career.

Now that I work as an artist I can raise my middle finger and finally do what I want. I am not concerned nor worried that I go unnoticed. I do care about it but I fore mostly focus on produce, produce and produce. Luckily I love to work on my paintings and photographs.