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We live in interesting times, that is the least I can say about these past few weeks. When you think the world could not get any crazier after the climate chance (no, not change) people, the extinction rebellion cult, you are wrong.

Nowadays if you stand for freedom and rights for all people, you are called a racist or worse. This is 1984’s wrong-think on steroids, this actually happens. I saw this coming already many, many years ago whilst being a student and later as a teacher. Students became activists and the louder you screamed, the wilder your outfit was, the more status you got.

About the Social Media Gulag that has been created. Could be done better but good is good enough.
One source is here (https://archive.is/wip/DwO8h) and as you can read in the caption there, these were fellow prisoners not the camp guards.

Or rather, the more fear you invoked. Fear in fellow students as they did not dare to critique the activist student in fear of retribution. In my time we called this bullying. Now bullying has become the status quo on platforms such as twitter, facebook and yes: LinkedIn.

I suppose this is a phase humanity has to go throw, another dark age. At the same time, people contact me privately and share their opinions. They won’t do this publicly anymore, I understand.