Fertility Statues

Featured Fertility scaled

Probably a combination of impressions that lead to this title, and this title lead to the sculpture. Yes, I love to understand my creative processes. The impressions likely have been a combination of sculpture pictures I took some week ago, and the videos made by Robert Sepehr on archaeology, culture and anthropology. The words fertility popped into my mind and there they went.

These are two of the four statues. The other two needs still finishing and I do not know yet what to do. So, I let them rest and something will come to mind. There has been no deep thought process behind these figures. There was the title and then the joy of trying. As long as I felt the joy (bliss) I kept going.

The wood is Thuja Occidentalis, from our garden. The tree trunk is split in half, and the inside is charcoaled. Initially, I wanted to add gold leave to the insight but that thought felt tacky, too cheap.

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