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I do not like to complain as that suggests some victimhood to me. Rather I build, fight and educate. In my previous post I wrote about how I disentangled myself from social media, but what I did not go into much was what I have been building.

Together with good friend Maurits v. Falkenreck, I have put online two sites Stichting Grondrechten and Before that, I had put online End of Darkness and Solomon Wamisigo’s site, of course. Stichting Grondrechten (Fundamental Right Foundation) Maurits set up when we launched “Het Corona Tribunaal” (The Corona Tribunal) in March of last year. Back then I saw how societies across the globe were told, once more, huge lies. Unfortunately, The Corona Tribunal group fell apart (as I had predicted at the start) because some members fell prey to the globalist propaganda.

But here we are, May 2021, and the undercurrent of dissatisfied Europeans and Caucasians is growing like I have never seen before. The beyond dissatisfactory – I put it mildly – politics of DJ Trump have left many in the USA and abroad disillusioned and lost. Now they seek for their roots and at the same time see they are being attacked on all sides.

Both Maurits and I have experienced and witnessed among fellow men the outcome of the disgusting liberal (communist/marxist) politics of our nepotist political class. There are plenty of examples just look at the climate change scam, the corona plandemic, the immigration/replacement policies, the financial crashes, the environmental degradation, the lowering of the food quality, the destruction of farming, the destruction of the family. And finally: the policies to take away jobs from men.

Hence, we started, a super basic site where those who have work can meet those who need work. My work ethics, after many years of struggle and learning from this struggle is: build, build fast and improve while building. The beauty of this site is that it is not about how you look like, where you come from or what you believe. We do NOT care, we only care that qualified people can be matched to those employers who seek qualified people.

After the Dutch site is up and running and in use, we go to other countries in Europe and probably Russia.