New projects, no social media and learning

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A few years ago I started to work with WordPress. At first, I had not a clue what I was doing, but with help from some friends and the internet I got the hang of it. There was an update to the latest version of WordPress and I received about 15 automated emails notifying me that my sites were updated.

I guess by now I have made about 25 WordPress sites. With the last site, (or try as I soon install an SSL certificate), the routine I was looking for finally got some footing. The setup was relatively painless and swift. I prefer to run WordPress without page builder plugins like Elementor. The fewer plugins, the better. With the default Gutenberg set up, the code is simply more elegant and easier adjust. Of course, I use plugins to add functionality like payment options, subscriptions and what have you.

There is always an irregular amount of management needed for each site. Plugins get updated and functionality might fail. A theme gets updated and the look and feel might change. This is work and I do not mind too much. Still, making WordPress site building my full-time job ain’t going to happen for now. I do take on customers now as I feel I got the required skills. So feel free to contact me.

Then I have begun to do leather work. I started to do a big renovation in the house. Then some graphic design projects, one for a school (university) in The Netherlands. Social media is now out of my life and this feels great. I did not watch TV for 25 years already nor did I read the so-called “newspapers”. If I need to know something, about medical topics, I read research papers myself. Not a biggie, just start and look up the words and concepts you do not know. After some time you see words and concepts repeat, and you begin to understand.

Less and less distraction, more time to create and produce. Life is good.