Fear of failing


“I am not good enough” or “there are so many great artists” or “I can never be as good as…”. Be the best person you possibly can be, is my response. Another often repeated piece of advice I gave to my students is phrased as a question: what is your best next step?

I got eyes and ears and see so much great work. But I do not paint to be better than another artist. I paint because I like it a lot, so much I cannot imagine doing anything else any more. If or when other people think something about my work, then that is fine. Of course I like positive feedback and I do not like ignorant comments. But this should not stop me or you to follow your path.

My antidote to this is to publish every painting I do. I use now primarily Instagram for this. In this short period I notice already a tiny difference. I am still very curious how many people press the heart icon. But I am even more eager to continue with my paint work and spit out more work. This is still hard to describe and hopefully I can do a better job at a later time.

In conclusion, there are always people you consider better. So it is, let it be as that never stops. Fail the way only you can fail, fail a lot, produce a lot, document the failures and you shall see that the combined failings of a failure like yourself starts to be something of significance.