From large to small

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In this post “From large to small”, I write about the decision to paint smaller. When I paint smaller, I solve two real problems. In my post “Points of Failure“, I make a list of also other topics related to getting stuck and how to overcome this.

My recent paintings are large, about 150 cm x 100 cm. There are much larger paintings in this world of course but this is about as large as I can comfortably paint. The wall and the surroundings do not allow for much more. What is more important is that I have no storage for these paintings and, I cannot take photographs any more.

Let me address the first issue: no storage. The past weeks I move my paintings from my daughters bed to the living room and back. Whenever she visits us, I need to make space for her. Last time I moved the large paintings I saw a nasty fold, not a good thing.

The second issue is the Canon EFS 17-85 mm lens that gives me the dreaded “Err 1” and something about contact points not being clean. This leaves me the Sigma 50 mm f1.4 DG HSM (80 mm as I use an ASP-C censor). To use this lens I need one more meter behind me, so I can take a photo of the whole painting.


And thus I spent some hours on the web and investigated my photography options. It boils down to a significant investment as I want to leave Canon. Then I also need to build a storage for my paintings which once more means some hundreds of euros and above all, lots of time. Neither of these solutions appeal to me. A new camera system I might buy in due time but that is not sure even.

A camera I would use to document my paint work and, do photo shoots. The latter is the reason to invest in a new system. The documentation part I do with the excellent 50 mm lens, I paint smaller. This also solves the storage problem as we have two drawer systems where I can store almost A1 (841 mm x 1189 mm) sheets.

This coincides with a desire to paint people and here I probably can combine the photo shoot wishes. Instead of doing these shoots and print the photos and worry about noise I can paint the shoots I have in mind. This is still very much in the open though as I do love the interaction with models and the theatre around it.