New tools

New tools take time to master and I estimated I would have some grip on Blender 2.8 within a couple of days. It is not that I spent full days to learn Blender and that might have been one cause of my frustration. The grand idea was to model 3d spaces I need for my paintings and apply realistic lighting. The lighting part turned out to be the hard part.

This partially because my computers are not equipped to deal well with 3d rendering. But also because Blender is new to me and there are few tutorials I can follow or are even useful for my task.

Thus, after 5 or 6 days of modelling and rendering, I got a very basic and unsatisfying image. When I began to paint the energy was gone even though initially I expected to be well-prepared and full of confidence. It was as if the magical tension to explore the painting has been suffocated by the detailed exploration inside Blender…

The good news is I know Blender 2.8 a bit better and took some photos instead:

The Ageing Apple and Air Plant