No Tools

Due to circumstances, I am without some tools which I started to rely on. Now I am back behind my old Mac (2009) and with old versions of some those same tools (software). Some of the software does not have older versions available and thus I am completely without. And for the tools that does have old versions, what I made with the latest version cannot be opened or edited.


For my photo editing and management I use Capture One Pro 12. This runs on Mojave and there is no version available any more for El Capitan.

My image editor, Pixelmator Pro for Mojave, has a new file format which does not work with Pixelmator on El Capitan.

Sketch on Mojave creates files that I cannot edit on Sketch on El Capitan.

I accept this and this makes sense from the developers point of view of course, you need to draw the backward compatibility line somewhere. And now I come back to what I wrote about and spoke about during my lecture at the university of Jyväskylä: see the opportunities.

After a long break I can paint or do maintenance for my old iMac from which I write this text. Why not take the camera and go outside, that has been a long time since I have done that. There are many useful things I could do. What is a problem for me is when I break my rhythm or process I need time to start up again.