Points of Failure

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During my study on consciousness I discovered how I could act like a ball in a pinball machine. External factors shove me from left to right, up and down. On the background, old patterns from my youth and processes ran simultaneously. This combination of on the spot factors and long-running processes can work very counter-productive.

When I decided to only paint and photograph I also decided to pay special attention to my processes. The goal was and is to improve the quality my work. And to improve my level of satisfaction and my success as an autodidact artist. I am a male, 49 years old and in a foreign country in the middle of nowhere. Three good reasons to not expect much help or support.

And thus, I do not want to waste time and slouch. What works, what does not work and why are questions that keep me focussed. So what follows is a list of points of failure I identify while I work. The posts that are about creativity and failure are here below.