In the past two weeks I read and spoke about politics with various friends of mine. The current state of affairs in this world saddens me. Most people I know fall into the 85/15 Salomon Ash category of obedient and conforming people. However, I am an non-conformist, resist authority and am extremely creative. So why am I unproductive when I read and speak about politics then?

In essence, the chemical balance in my body changes, I think. I feel aggitation, restlessness and lack of focus. I feel a fight or flight response but I hang somewhere in between: paralysis. Should I be active in the political debate or should I not?

How do I solve this?

  • turn off twitter, I have deleted my account as there is nothing enjoable there anymore
  • remove agitating youtube channels from my list
  • go outside and do some physical work

After I have done this, life is good again and I gain the motivation back to look at inspiring people and their stories. In short, with a bit of effort I create once again.

Edit: more on this at my next post called “Progress the weeks 15-16“.

Edit: I managed to turn something negative (for me) into something positive: creation of an illustration.